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Laptops are our core competency and having been in laptop retailing business for 10 years, we understand customers expectations and sincerely strive towards exceeding them. To extend our services to a national level , we have launched our website with an online purchase option.

For Online shoppers ( outside Bangalore )

Continuing our tradition of hand holding customers, we offer the following exclusive services to online shoppers.

Pre shipment health check of laptop – though all laptops are covered by manufacturer’s warranty, a laptop not working on purchase is a real dampener. We are the only online store which offers a pre shipment check of your laptop to ensure everything is working absolutely fine.

We also offer a complimentary service of creating the Windows Backup on DVDs. This is essential when you need to reinstall the Operating system in the event of OS corruption / virus infection. Please be cautioned that without the recovery DVDs , OS reinstallation is a paid service from company service centre ( even during warranty )

For Online Shoppers ( within Bangalore ) and Retail store shoppers

We are an online offline store giving you the convenience of online shopping and assurance of an off line store. We hand hold all our customers through the warranty period .Details of our service deliverables are under the title “Support Services “