7 Must have desktop accessories to ease your Work from home routine 0
7 Must have desktop accessories to ease your Work from home routine

2022 saw us going from loving to work from home to getting desperate to go to the office. 2021 saw many offices opening up too around the year-end. However, the number was still abysmally small. After all, both the firms as well as individuals had discovered the absolute cost-effective bliss of working from home. Now, one caveat that comes with WFH is that you need to ensure that your “study desk” is ergonomic enough to allow for an office like condition.

In such a situation, accessories have a significant role to play. Given the scope of our business, we will not be able to advise you on the room and desk decor but there is something that we can assist with. Let us, thus, have a look at the must-have desktop and laptop accessories that you should consider for a seamless work from home routine.


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  • USB Hub


When you need to connect many items to your laptop or desktop, whether it's a charger, a flash drive, or something else, the limited number of built-in ports on your device may not be enough. While working from home, this can be a problem, but there is a way around it. Multi-port adapters are useful tiny devices that let you connect multiple devices to your laptop or desktop at the same time.

The USB hub comes in a variety of sizes and port configurations. Depending on the gadgets you want to plugin, some adapter hubs will be more important to you than others. You may only need extra USB ports or ports for different connections like HDMI and AUX. Check out our list of the finest USB hubs currently available at laptop accessories store in Bangalore



  • Headphones that block out noise


It takes some practice to learn to focus in a new situation. It's even more difficult when your surroundings regularly introduce new, distracting sounds, such as if you share your home workplace with a shouty Zoom attendee. A pair of noise-cancelling earphones can be a lifesaver in these situations. You may plug them in, turn on some white noise or music that will help you concentrate, and get back into the swing of things.


  • Wireless Keyboard/Mouse 


A wireless mouse can make operating your laptop or desktop much easier. Without worrying about cables, you can move your mouse around because you don't require an associated cable. In addition, at the touch of a button, certain wireless mice can switch between devices!

There are many reliable wireless mouse/keyboards available at laptop accessories stores in Bangalore.



  • External Storage Device


You thought you had saved the file, but it vanishes just as you needed it. Isn't it a little too common? It won't if you have a hard disc backup of essential data. A hard disc is a necessary work from home accessory for files too large to be saved in your device's internal memory.



  • Cooling Pads


All you need to do is invest in one of the best laptops with a fan to help your laptop survive longer and perform better. These stands, also known as cooling pads, feature built-in fans that assist in cooling down the laptop.

Cooling pads assist in lowering the temperature and preventing damage from overheating. Check out a laptop accessories store in Bangalore for the best cooling pads on a budget if you're on the hunt for one.



  • Privacy Filter


A privacy filter is a section of plastic or glass that clings to a screen or rests on top of one. Its goal is to slightly restrict a screen's viewing angle, making it impossible to see the information on the screen unless it is looked directly on. The filter effectively blacks out the screen when viewed from a certain angle.

This means that wandering eyes should be less of a concern when working with sensitive material on your device in the open. However, even if you're browsing in the open, you should be cautious of your surroundings.



  • Adapters
  • A USB WiFi adaptor will allow you to instantly connect to WiFi if your system does not support it. In addition, USB WiFi adapters extend the range of connectivity. With a greater range of connectivity, users can connect to WiFi in previously unreachable areas. This is ideal for folks who wish to use the internet outdoors or in locations where connectivity was previously unavailable.
  • Users who purchase any Bluetooth wireless devices (e.g.,  Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard and Bluetooth  Mouse) will need to purchase a Bluetooth Adapter if their system does not have built-in Bluetooth. Because it is a "one-to-many device," a typical Bluetooth Dongle can support anywhere from 5-7 devices. (This differs from 2.4 GHz receivers, which are "one to one" devices that can only handle one device.) If your system already has built-in Bluetooth, don't use a Bluetooth Adapter because Windows will only support a single radio host.



The employee's set-up and remote work issues determine whether these things are necessary or simply great additions to your home office. These accessories are available at the laptop accessories store in Bangalore & Surely will help remote employees increase their productivity & privacy while also allowing them to enjoy their Work more!



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