9 health tips for those who work on laptops/pcs for long hours 0
9 health tips for those who work on laptops/pcs for long hours


For those who work on laptops/pcs for long hours”- this itself should include a significant number of our millennials and all the IT professionals in the ambit. Our laptops/pcs have become an integral part of our lives. Whatever we do, happens there, gets managed from there.

Our work or leisure- both is on them. Needless to say, the hours get prolonged by default. However, this sedentary lifestyle comes with its set of issues too. The good thing is- all of these concerns can be avoided quiet easily. 

So listed below are 9 health tips for those who work on laptops/pcs for long hours;



  • Make Use Of Your Standing Desk


A new type of workstation is one option you might wish to examine. Because they create a healthy work environment, standing desks are becoming increasingly popular. However, the human body was never designed to spend eight hours a day sitting at a desk. This places a lot of stress on your body and can lead to various health problems. The issue is that if your profession requires you to work on a computer & required to devote a substantial amount of time at a desk.



  • Regularly Get Up And Move


The lack of movement and exercise caused by sitting in front of a computer for an extended period of time is the primary cause of health concerns. To counteract this, stand up and move around frequently. You may even set an hourly alarm on your phone.

Get up, take a stroll, or complete a small household task that will compel you to leave your desk for at least a few minutes. Even a tiny bit of activity improves blood circulation, relieves neck and back tension, and burns calories.



  • Take A Break From Your Computer


Sitting continuously in front of a screen all day puts a lot of strain on your eyes, which can lead to vision problems, headaches, and other health issues over time.

Take a few moments every few minutes to close your eyes and relax. Avoid gazing at a computer screen, which is a widespread problem that most people are unaware of. Blinking is necessary for maintaining eyesight clarity.



  • Maintain a Supply of Healthy Snacks at Your Workplace


Working at a computer all day is not a physically demanding occupation. Instead, it indicates that while you are sitting and typing on your keyboard, you are not burning many calories. So you are making things worse by eating junk food all day. Eating highly processed foods high in calories, sugar, and fat can only exacerbate the health issues of sedentary employment.

The most straightforward strategy to avoid nibbling on unhealthy foods is to keep them out of the house. Instead, maintain a supply of beef jerky, almonds, and other high-protein meals near your work. So if you get hungry, you may satisfy it with a nutritious snack.



  • Remove your laptop from your lap.


Even though it is named a laptop, you may not want to use it on your lap.

To see the screen, you must often lean down and push your head forward, putting dozens of extra pounds of pressure on your cervical spine. If you need to work without a desk, such as on a train, prop your laptop up on your computer bag or briefcase to raise the screen.



  • Invest in a separate keyboard and mouse or a separate screen/monitor.


It is advised to do one of two things when working on a laptop for an extended time: 1) Use an external keyboard and mouse, and set your laptop screen at eye level or lower. 2) Use an external display at eye level and adjust the height of your laptop keyboard to allow your shoulders and arms to rest. In addition, your elbows should be tucked in close to your body at a 90-degree angle, & your wrists should be in an impartial posture. This posture keeps your shoulders from rounding and your neck muscles from pulling.

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  • Look for a comfortable chair.


When using a laptop, the chair you sit in is crucial. Any fully adjustable office chair with lumbar support should suffice, but you must ensure that it is properly set up. You might require a lumbar roll if your chair doesn't provide enough support. Remember to sit back in the chair so that the lumbar support helps retain the natural curve in your lower back as you lean against it.



  • Set up a schedule.


Do you have a habit of working nonstop? No worries, work as much as you want, but how about managing things while maintaining excellent health, a pleasant life, and a healthy routine? For example, if you work six hours a day, make sure you organise those six hours around the rest of your day's activities.



  • Wear a pair of glasses that shield you from radiation.


Have you ever considered the significance of eyes? Thanks to God's gift, the earth appears to be a lovely place. Unfortunately, your eyes are at a considerable risk when you're involved with an online presence. To avoid eye injury, wear radiation-protective glasses while at work.


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