The 11 Must-Have Laptop Accessories for your seamless WFH performance 0
The 11 Must-Have Laptop Accessories for your seamless WFH performance

Even though it's 2022 and the pandemic has forced us inside and everyone has to start working from home yet again. It is a well-known fact that working from home can be a boon or a bane to employers as well as employees. It comes with its own set of infrastructural challenges. The environment is different which puts productivity at its lowest. There can always be a child crying next door or the next room. If you are a bunch of people sharing a flat or a husband-wife with kids, you may always fall short of rooms to work from. How does one tackle this situation then? Well, that is why there are dedicated accessories that can help enhance your work from home experience.


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Best Laptop Accessories for your seamless WFH performance

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Power backup (extra battery)

Imagine you are deep in your zen working away to complete a big project. And then “pop”. The light goes out.  You continue working because the laptop still has a battery left. But with how long power cuts are the norm, so what if your battery goes out too. That's why it is recommended to keep another battery on hand. As one is dying you quickly switch it to another and simply continue your work without harming your zen. The Lapcare OA04 / HP 15R Battery is one for instance which helps you continue working without any distractions. Also, you can buy laptop accessories at the best prices in Bangalore. 



Another necessary thing for working at the home is additional hardware, as built-in keyboards that are offered by the manufacturers often work as expected, but at the same, it forces you to be at a certain position and often damage your wrists and develop carpal tunnel and additional keyboard will easily help you to organize your workspace as per your comfort.

Like the Lapcare L901 combo keyboard + mouse which offers the comfort of working at your own pace. You can also buy branded Laptop accessories in Bangalore.


As with the keyboard the mouse is augmented to the laptop set up for working at home. It may solve issues that are often caused by the trackpad offered in all laptops. With this, you can finally stop with the annoyance of the moving cursor.

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Additional screen

Sometimes while working you may need an additional screen, it may be for work and to compare notes or maybe for pleasure, after all, who doesn't want to catch glimpses of their favourite movie or video while working. An additional screen has all the more important when you are a developer writing an extended line of code. Anyway, this is an integral part of working from home as it doubles your productivity and avoids incessant swing of windows.  Plus Plugging your computer into an external monitor is better because it significantly expands your digital workspace.

Multiport hub

Any of the newer laptops have a downside, they are usually with very few ports that facilitate connection to other devices; the solution is a multiport hub, you can easily connect to it with a single wire and it can help you organize all the different paraphernalia you need for working.


A set of speakers

Many people require music to keep them company while working and the familiar tune helps them with the noises around them. So investing in one good set of speakers is advised. This also helps to keep outside noises at bay and the worker at complete zen. You can easily buy laptop accessories at the best prices in Bangalore while looking for the same.


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Noise-cancelling headphones

A good pair of noise-cancelling headphones is also recommended especially if you work from a noisy place. Most headphones don't even need some sound playing to block out the noise and disturb your zen. 


 A Powerful WiFi Router


 Working from home also requires a powerful internet connection that also depends on a good router. One thing to remember is that the speeds you get will depend on the plan you’ve selected with your ISP—a fast router cannot improve a slow connection.

A comfortable chair

When you do choose to sit, make sure you’re doing it in a comfortable chair. The office chair is made especially for working 8 hours a day without any pain. A comfy chair with curved cushions will encourage you to sit straight.


Standing desk

Studies have shown that sitting for too long has harmful effects on our health. So to mitigate that we have a standing desk, standing for a little while helps individuals to regain circulation on the legs and the usual standing desk offers changes in height according to your convenience. You can sit down and stand up and change the height as you wish or want.


Good printer

A good printer is essential when working from home as the number of prints required seems to grow exponentially rather than go down. So this is often regarded as the life of the essential work from home experience. No matter what you want to do, print is essential, wherever you're a student or teacher. You can also buy laptop accessories at the best prices in Bangalore.

These 11 must-have laptop accessories are guaranteed to improve workflow. The best part is that you can now choose all of these from our widest collection at the best prices in India. So buy laptop accessories at best prices bangalore With companies computerizing their tasks, the usage of laptops has risen and has become imperative for a seamless and fast working experience.

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