How to fix a non-charging laptop battery 1
How to fix a non-charging laptop battery

Have you had this happen to you before? You're working on your laptop when you notice that the battery is nearly depleted. Then you must quickly locate and connect your charger before it shuts down. You should be set to go once it's turned on, but occasionally all you get is nothing when you connect the power adapter. There are no bright lights, no backlit screen, and no indicator in the corner that says "battery charge." What might be the issue?

There are many techniques to extend battery life, but a few things can go wrong between your computer and the wall outlet. Some matters can be solved with a software adjustment or a new battery, while others may necessitate a trip to the repair shop or perhaps a system replacement. Knowing what can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. You may quickly identify the cause of the problem and determine the best cost-effective remedy using an inside-out strategy. What is the finest way to deal with the issue?

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What happened to my laptop's battery?

Suppose you had a basic grasp of why your laptop won't charge before you can start fixing it. When one of the hundreds of working elements in a computer fails, you're likely to be left scratching your head, unsure why.

While many factors can cause your laptop battery to lose its charge, we've narrowed down the most common causes of power cord difficulties, software malfunction, and diminishing battery health.



  • This is a common problem that LAPTOP WORLD Experts see, and it can harm your laptop battery in a variety of ways:
  • It's possible that your charging cord is damaged, loose, or unplugged.
  • Because your laptop's manufacturer didn't build it, your charging cable could have a poor connection.
  • Dirt or debris may have clogged your charging ports, preventing it from fully charging.

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Turn your  Laptop off and wait 30 minutes before resuming use. Then attach the charging wire to your laptop and verify whether it receives any power. If your gadget is overheating, this may also help it cool down.



  • Check for dust or debris in your laptop's charging ports. Do you require their cleaning? You can use compressed air or a cotton swab that has been lightly soaked in isopropyl alcohol. Before re-plugging the cable, be sure the ports have dried fully.
  • Don't attempt to repair your charging ports yourself if they are loose or damaged. Instead, take your laptop to a service centre for rapid repair.
  • Examine your cords and double-check that they're connected properly. If you need to buy a replacement cable, stay away from unapproved charging cords and stick to those designed for your laptop.
  • Check to see if the electrical outlet or surge protector is functional. If that doesn't work, try plugging your laptop into another one.


Detached BATTERY

If your laptop has a removable battery-operated, remove and replace it. If the laptop still won't switch on, remove the battery and press and hold the power button for 10 seconds to deplete the laptop's remaining power. After that, plug in your charging cable and check to see if your device  turns on.

Visit your local service centre for a free diagnosis and faster repairs than anybody else if your battery cannot be removed or is incorporated into the laptop as most Asus and MacBook models.


Reducing resource consumption

The battery may not charge even when plugged in; this is not a hardware issue. Your charger may not be recharging the battery quickly enough if your computer works hard. For example, if your laptop overheats, the fan will have to work harder to cool it down, consuming more battery power. When you run many power-hungry programmes and tasks at once, the battery drains quickly.


Battery drivers may need to be updated or reinstalled.

Because your battery is an external device, Windows requires specific drivers to communicate with it. If your system is still plugged in and won't load after trying the steps above, you can try updating or deleting the drivers.


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You've exhausted all non-monetary remedies to the "plugged in, not charging" problem. Order a new computer charger (or borrow one from a friend who has the same laptop) and see whether it works.


When purchasing a new charger, ensure that it is rated for the quantity of power your laptop requires. To be sure, check the official charger requirements or the paperwork provided by the manufacturer.

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