How to keep a laptop's battery life healthy 1
How to keep a laptop's battery life healthy

Who wants to rush to a power outlet to save their laptop battery in the middle of the night? That's never fun, particularly if your family works from home these days, where there aren't always available outlets. On the other hand, modern laptops are far more efficient than their forerunners. Even cheap desktop replacement laptops and even gaming behemoths now have more than eight hours of battery life. Ultraportable computers can last up to 14 hours.


Even so, the inconvenient truth is that unless you pay attention to some key factors, such as how many apps you're running, the battery in your laptop will not last as long as the creator claims unless you pay attention to your power settings,  and even the temperature of the room where you're working. The good bulletin is that once you know which settings to change, none of this takes much time or effort to figure out.


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So let's look at the best techniques to get the most out of your laptop battery with the least amount of work.


Lower the brightness of your screen.

The display on any portable device, whether a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, is the primary source of battery depletion. The simplest technique to reduce power drain and extend the life of your laptop's battery is to lower the screen brightness. The lower the brightness, the longer you can work on your laptop before it dies. On Windows 10, click the notification icon on the taskbar to access the action centre, and then click the brightness icon to modify the brightness to your preferences. Similarly, you may adjust brightness on Windows 7 by opening the Windows Mobility Centre. Disabling adaptive brightness and manually regulating it can save battery life.

Make use of battery savers and maintain the connection of other peripheral devices.

One of the most effective laptop battery charging techniques is to enable the battery saver mode. Enabling this option can provide you with a wealth of information about your battery's health and suggestions for extending its life. To obtain longer battery life substantially, Battery Saver makes automated adjustments such as decreasing screen brightness and restricting background activity.

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Examine if the program's Battery usage is high.

A few apps can track how much battery is being used by various apps. They accomplish this by analyzing CPU utilization over time and identifying which programmes consume the most resources. Changing to more power-efficient apps will help you get more mileage out of your battery. It can also assist as a reminder to shut down any background programmes that aren't in use. One of the most common ways people slow down their laptops is by using background programmes.


Turn off your laptop if you aren't going to use it for a few hours to preserve energy and battery life. Set it to hibernate as an alternative of sleep if you need to get back to work fast. In sleep mode, the laptop's processor slows down, but the memory remains active.


Working on several programmes at the same time is not a good idea. While you may be tempted to multitask and work efficiently on Excel sheets, Powerpoint presentations, and Adobe Photoshop, this can drain your battery. Batteries are depleted even faster by graphically intensive programmes. Work on one or two programmes at a time, maximum, to extend your life.


Sustain your cool. Your laptop's battery can be harmed by excessive heat. Please don't leave it in the car during the summer and check your laptop's temperature while you're working. You can use your hands or an app to notice a rise. Use a lap desk with an open gap underneath for air circulation if you work for long periods.



Remember these simple recommendations the next time your battery dies. While you're thinking about those suggestions, here are a few more small things you can do:

  • Use the battery saver option to save your battery.
  • Unplug any devices that utilise battery power, such as hard drives or cameras.
  • Ascertain that you have sufficient RAM.
  • Dim the brightness of the screen.
  • When you don't require a connection, turn WiFi and Bluetooth off.


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20 June 2022

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