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Today in Market many of the best business laptops come from Dell, Lenovo and HP.

1. Dell XPS 13 (2019)- This sleek laptop is still thin, light and powerful, the 2019 Dell XPS 13 does away with the weird "nose cam" webcam stuck in the bottom of the screen, and manages to fit its webcam in a still-slim top bezel. And of course, this laptop is packing tons of speed with Intel's new Whiskey Lake CPUs.

2. Dell Latitude 5290 2-in-1 - Dell's Latitude 5290 2-in-1 features all the security features you need, as well as long battery life and a bright display, making it a great choice for a business machine. With its Intel Core i5-8350U CPU, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB NVME SSD, the convertible is ready to crunch numbers, create presentations and send off an email or two.


3. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (6th Gen)-Though it's built for business, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon (6th Gen) is a great choice for anyone who needs to be productive on the go. In fact, the X1 Carbon is not just the best Lenovo laptop, it is also one of the best laptops of 2019 which is best for the overall business.

4. Lenovo ThinkPad E470- Lenovo took an existing form factor and refined it to deliver the new 2019 ThinkPad E470.The Model Laptop is Powered by the 7th generation Intel Core processors, this particular SKU has a 14-inch FHD anti-glare display and discrete Nvidia Geforce 940MX 2GB GPU.

5. Asus Chromebook Flip- Chromebooks might not be the most obvious devices for business laptops, but the Asus Chromebook Flip proves that they can be excellent work tools. This model laptop comes with a full-fat Intel Core processor, full HD 1080p display and backlit keyboard. ChromeOS is now a more robust operating system with plenty of tools, and if you rely on web-based CMS or Google Docs to do your work, then the Asus Chromebook Flip model is an economical, well built and handy business laptop.

6. HP Spectre 13- The HP Spectre 13 is, without a doubt, one of the most gorgeous laptops we’ve ever used. The ceramic white colour finishing is beautifully topped off by a two-prong hinge design that’s extremely appealing.This model leverages the power of 8th-generation Intel Kaby Lake Refresh processors to outpace the competition. The HP Spectre 13 Model is still one of the best HP laptops this year.

With a wide range of models available in the market, you may get confused while taking a decision which model to choose from and which will be most suitable as per your business requirement.Don't get confused. With our assured assistance and Advice you will be able to take the right decision

we are 1½ decade old IT retail and corporate service provider in Bangalore. We provide 360° IT infrastructure solutions encompassing Clients ( Desktop / Laptops ).
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While everyday computing isn't very different from business processing, the business side of things requests greater security, dependability and greater customizability. Business machines can be moved up to have more RAM and capacity. A considerable lot of them have additional safe unique mark scanners and SIM card openings for portable web network. They can likewise be overseen and cleaned remotely. All in all, do you have the correct framework for your startup or for your huge global organization? All things considered, if the appropriate response is no, here are the machines you ought to search for. The workstations recorded beneath are the best business PCs in India. Along these lines, regardless of whether you are searching for PC for office use, or something progressively lightweight and convenient, this should be a useful waitlist.


Give preference to :

While buying a office laptop one should give preference to RAM (Random Access Memory ) which should not be less than 8GB, processor one can go with any quad-core processor with 8th gen, and make sure that RJ5 Port(LAN Port ) is there and WI-FI & Bluetooth are essential to data transfer and network connectivity and display can be 14 inches to 15 inch. Light weight laptop will add advantage as it handy to carry and use . Make sure your office tools are being installed with proper licence .

Some suggestion for you :

Here are some suggestion for Office laptops HP 15-da0295TU ,Lenovo IdeaPad , Inspiron 15 3000 series-3567 and lot more models are available at Laptop Showrooms in Bangalore and Laptop Dealers in Bangalore with reasonable price and fore more info visit us on


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At one stage everybody using laptops instead of the desktop because of the portability issue as many buy laptops because they tend to change the place of work or travel a long distance and it became easy for them to carry a laptop and work anywhere with it.

Initially laptops or other computers had soft games in it like chess ,spider solitaire and etc that people used to play those games for relaxation and earlier video games are available to play some hard games but now all are packed in one that too because of portability issue as laptops help user to do work and play games on the same laptops but still laptops cannot be compared with video games that are specially made for gaming purposes because every laptop one cannot play all games as nowadays very high graphics games are evolved and that requires special hardware and software requirement and then began the rise of gaming laptops .

What is special in gaming laptops?

The gaming laptops are totally different from the professional laptops as professional laptops contains different type of hardware built and gaming gets the difference in gaming laptops the build quality is hard that if that fall from top to bottom it will not affect that much in case of normal ones need to be very careful while handling it and even configuration also differs from normal and gaming laptops.

Choosing a Gaming Laptop

choosing gaming laptop one need to look into the hardware configuration first it should be suitable for gaming as a basic gaming requirement graphics card is necessary for all gaming laptops and processor selection is just as it is the CPU and RAM also screen resolution and size and last but not the least battery ,as basic a gaming laptop should minimum consist of 8GB RAM (Expandable up to 16 GB),8GB Graphics Card (Nvidia or AMD ),PROCESSOR (i7) 1920 x 1080 - FHD (Full HD) Screen Resolution ,a 14.8 V battery with 4460 Mah

Buy Gaming Laptops in Malleswaram Bangalore as we are authorized dealers for LENOVO, HP, ASUS, DELL and we sell gaming laptops HP OMEN 15-AX252TX, ASUS ROG GL553VE-FY168T, ASUS ROG GL502VM-FY230T at the reasonable price and we cover all type of services for these brands visit us @

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At Laptop world, We are delivering the best Laptop Sales & services to our customer's needs, Our team is dedicated works towards making a customer happy and satisfied.

In this blog, we are discussing the features and specification of the HP Pavilion X360 13-u133tu laptop.

The HP Pavilion X360 13-u133tu comes with the latest processor combined with sufficient RAM, best for handling multiple tasks. The cost of the laptop is slightly reasonable considering that it has the latest technology.

The Display HP Pavilion X360 13-u133tu  Laptop offers 13.3-inch (33.8 cm) full HD UWVA WLED-backlit LCD display which is multitouch-enabled edge-to-edge glass with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 Pixels. Then, the design of this model with a touch screen, available in silver colour and the weight and dimension of it is 1.66 Kg and 326 x 222 x 19.8 mm simultaneously.

The machine is powered by Intel Core i5-7200U processor of 7th generation which clock speed is 2.5GHz. The processor is coupled with 8GB DDR4 RAM and Intel HD 620 graphics. This device is able to run multiple application at a time and also smooth in playing high graphics game. It has preloaded Windows 10 OS of 64-bit architecture.

The HP Pavilion X360 13-u133tu (Z4Q51PA) Laptop provide basic webcam for taking selfies, recording videos and also for video calling through the internet.

The primary storage is in the form of the hard disk drive of SATA type and the capacity is 1TB. The speed of the hard disk is 5400 RPM. The laptop is stacked with Dual speakers based on Bang and Olufsen technologies with HP Audio Boost for audio.

The laptop gets powered by 3 cell Li-ion battery which helps for long time entertainment. It has various connectivity option like WLAN 802.11 , Bluetooth v4.2, one USB 2.0 slots, SD card reader etc.

we are one of the foremost laptop dealers in Bangalore for brands like HP, Dell & Lenovo,Asus.

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How to Protect Laptop Overheating


Laptop overheating is really a normal, and numerous PC users have encountered it. At times age-old laptops might overheat because of internal equipment issues that the vast majority will be unable to settle. Be that as it may, the most widely used type of overheating is caused by the absence of sufficient wind stream inside the machine. Overheating does not infer that the machine is having significant issues in light of the fact that there are some approaches to cool it off.

Check and Clean The Fans

At every point you feel your workstation is getting hot, put your hand only by the fan vents. You will know whether the workstation’s fan is working perfectly on the off chance that you feel tourists blowing out of the vents. otherwise you feel next to no or no air, the rest may have amassed on the fan or it has separated. You can open up the machine and victory the remainder with some generally packed air. If the fan has broken, search for another substitution.

Raise Your Laptop

Laptop overheating can be happened by the absence of insufficient ventilation under the workstation. This can be irradiated by lifting you top and putting a little book under the machine. Apart from utilizing a book, it’s far and away best to buy a laptop cooling pad to give enough standard ventilation under the machine. There are variety of cooling mats accessible, and you can buy one on the web.

 Utilize A Lap Desk

Another technique is to give enough ventilation is the utilization of a lap work area. The little plastic feet on the base gives the standard rise to upgrade wind stream underneath your laptop. Be that as it may, some people put Desktops on their laps when utilizing them. This confines wind stream under the laptops and prompts overheating. A lap work area help u to keeping up steady wind current, keeping your workstation cool.

Controlling Fan Speeds also Helps Laptop Overheating

Consistent wind current inside your laptop keeps your fans from running at full speeds. At the point when your fan is running at the high speeds, it infers that the CPU is buckling down and it might get more humidity. You can control the fan speeds by introducing projects, for example, Speed Fan for Windows.

Abstain from Using Intense Processes

Overheating in your laptop might be because of exceptional procedures. You can keep your workstation cool by maintaining a strategic distance from such procedures on your workstation. For example, programs with video Flash will expose the CPU to assiduous work. The CPU will begin getting more hot and increment fan speeds. In this manner, it is fitting to utilize a Flash Block in your program with the goal that streak recordings are just turned on at whatever point needed.

Keep Your Laptop Out Of The Heat

In conclusion, overheating of your laptop may happen because of outrageous presentation to coordinate sweltering daylight, particularly in summer. High temperatures may cause laptop overheating because of an extension of the hard drive and harm the battery. so, you should keep your laptop in the shade at whatever point temperatures are high.
when your laptop is closing down and encountering genuine stoppages because of the overheating, it’s well advise to get it fixed as quickly as time permits.


Maintenance Tips to Safeguard our Laptop 0
Maintenance Tips to Safeguard our Laptop

Nowadays laptops are especially important of our day to day life. Our works completely depend upon laptops, So when your laptop stops working, you get in trouble with any problem technical or nontechnical.


We offer sales and services on Desktops, Laptops, and servers, active network devices.we are one of the best laptop dealers for the brand like HP, Asus, and Lenovo in Bangalore. Also, we are leading Lenovo corporate dealers in Bangalore repairs and services all types of laptop.


For 15 years, we have been providing professional and economical Laptop service center near me Malleswaram. Issues like a broken laptop LCD screen, keyboard, laptop hardware and system issues such as system hang, so whatever the problem we will provide proper solutions to you.


In this blog, we discussed how to protect your laptops and maintenance tips are listed below


Make sure your battery is in cool condition, Avoid heat and use the battery as little as possible.


Be careful about eating and drinking, an accidental coffee spill—a leading cause of laptop damage so Don’t use Laptop while eating and Drinking.


Ensure that your Laptop will always free from dust, once your Laptop will get dust, there is a chance for booting, hanging problems.


Clean the keyboard and Screen properly.


Daily you should clean your Laptop by using soft Clothes.


Find the right carrying case for Laptop, pack the laptop properly. Use a backpack, or shoulder bag with a padded section designed especially for a laptop.


If you’re going to travel, remove any CDs, DVDs and thumb drives that might be in your Laptop, Also, Shutdown your system and Don’t simply put it in sleep or standby mode.


A Laptop screen is easily broken and at-risk component, and it can be cracked and damaged easily so handle carefully.


Clean your Laptops with some of the cleaning solutions which available from markets, Never touch the screen with pens or any pointer that can scratch the surface.


Don’t use laptop close to appliances that generate a strong magnetic field, such as televisions, large speakers and even some high-tech refrigerators. Don’t keep your cell phone on top of your laptop while both are on.


Never use simple passwords to your Laptop, like your Name or family members name, Date of Birth and your Mobile Numbers etc.


Make your Password are stronger like a combination of letters, numbers and special characters, you should always change your password monthly once because of security reasons.


Open a personal virtual private network account and use it as frequently as you can in airports, hotels, and hotspots in other words, anytime you're plugged in to

free Wi-Fi or strange networks.


A Virtual Private Network reroutes your Internet connection to secure networks, where a hacker cannot hack your data.


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Where to get the best laptops at reasonable prices

Laptop World is one of the leading dealers of branded laptops.We are known as the best quality laptop dealer in the Malleswaram area. We also provide gaming laptops which are the high-quality laptops with amazing visuals. It helps the gamers to enjoy the game on a complete level. Most of the games require high-end specifications, which is there in the gaming laptops.


Laptop World provides all kinds of technical solutions to the customers, we help the client in the servicing of desktop/laptops, servers, active network devices and the application software. We provide these services to almost all the companies which are small, mid-sized and big companies. The quality service provided by us has helped in retaining a major percentage of clients.


The most important service, which we provide is the post-sales service. This service has to be of high quality as most of the customers are dissatisfied with post-sales service in any sector. We provide quality after sales service which is unmatched.


Laptop world follows a process which is a refined one, it has helped in making us as one of the best laptop service centers in Bangalore. The customer-centric approach followed by us has helped in winning the trust of the customers.


We provide the services and products which has the high warranty period. Laptop world is well known to provide the services which add value to the customer. The repair services are provided as per the requirements of the customer. Laptop world professionals are experts in providing quality service in a short period of time.


Laptop World believes in the “word of mouth publicity” which has helped the customers to become brand ambassadors for our company. Laptop world provides almost all the services to the customers which are chip level service of motherboards, repair of broken hinges, hard disk, data recovery services, optical drive replacement and service/repair technically feasible.


The current generation of customers has less patience for any kind of service. Laptop world understands this need and provides the service which can satisfy the customers completely. This approach has helped in getting many references for more customers.


Almost all the existing customers have rated Laptop world as the best laptop service center and gaming laptops dealer in Malleswaram area. The laptops which have become an inseparable part of a person’s daily life is available at leading prices and varied ranges to many of the customers at our place.


Laptop world provides 360° IT infrastructure solutions to the clients which include desktop, laptops, servers, active network devices and application software. The solutions provided by Laptop World are unique and immediate.


We are known to be handling the customers in a very professional way. Based on client’s application requirement, budget and growth roadmap, we associate with the best of brands in respective product lines like HP, Lenovo, Asus, Dell etc.


The clients which we have served are Cyte Care hospital, Acto Cerba Clothing ( Zivame ), BTI India payments ( Neutral ATM providers ), United Fin ( Banking and financial services ), Kaseya Software etc. All of the clients are very happy with the quality services provided by Laptop world.

Laptop world has been a well-known name in this industry as we have been consistently helping the customers to get the required service. This is mainly helpful for the working professionals as they do not have enough time to spend on fixing computer and laptops. Laptop world is like a boon for these professionals.


We have achieved our mission of being one of the best laptop battery and gaming laptops dealer in the Malleswaram area. This became possible only through the hard work and dedication of our professionals. We are always there to provide 100% customer satisfaction to our customers.


If you thought purchasing a laptop was sufficient and that it will last as long as you need without doing anything, you are absolutely wrong. The individuals who do not take care of their laptops from the day they buy it regularly spend more on laptop repair services that the individuals invest in specific accessories that protect laptops.

While it might appear to be an extra use, purchasing protectors and cleansers before all else can help a laptop owner to keep their laptop and delay the life of their devices. In this article, let us investigate five of the most important accessories that each laptop owner should consider purchasing when they buy their laptops.

1. Laptop Skin:

Laptop skins are intended to cover your laptop and give them an altered look. While they enhance the manner in which your laptop looks and changes them from an exhausting, factory-designed product to something that is unique and individualistic, they also secure the outer surface of a laptop from scratches, dust, and grime. Laptops are intended to be utilized outside and if you wish to secure your laptop and change their looks too, laptop skins are the answer.

2.Laptop Screen Guards:

Laptop screen guards are intended to cover the surface of an LCD screen. Laptop screens are vulnerable to scratches, dust, and grease, which can lessen the picture quality. Who might want to watch movies or look at pictures on their laptops when the screen is loaded with scratches? Laptop screen guards guarantee that screens are very much secured well. Screen guards come in all sizes and are as unpretentious as you can envision them to be. There are few screen guards which come in matte complete to decrease the glare on a screen up to 90%.

3.Laptop LCD cleaners:

Laptop screen guards are not sufficient to protect the screen. Sometimes, you should remove the screen guard and wipe the surface of the screen with extraordinarily figured LCD cleaners. This is basically a gel that can be touched onto a unique cloth in order to wipe the surface of the LCD screen. It guarantees that dirt, grease, and dust are expelled gently, without causing extra scratches. Laptop LCD cleaners are especially important to the individuals who travel frequently. You can also utilize the cleaner to clear mobile phone, tablet and TV screens.

4.Laptop cooling pads:

With time and utilization laptop’s will, in general, get heated. In an ideal world to keep the heating in control, laptops should be utilized in a level surface. It’s not suggested to utilize a laptop on an uneven surface like couch, bed, laps and so on. Cooling pad gives us the level surface and shields your laptop from running too hot. There are few laptop cooling pads which can be balanced in various points to enable us to utilize laptops easily in any sitting position.

5.Laptop sleeve:

If you do not wish to purchase a separate laptop bag and might simply want to keep your laptop in a tote or briefcase, you could buy a laptop sleeve. Laptop sleeves are made to fit the shape of your laptop and expand as limited space as possible in your briefcase. It is never a smart thought to keep a laptop in the midst of books, documents and stationary and they may cause scratches on the surface. Also, a laptop sleeve retains shock and pressure, so that the internal parts of the laptop are not damaged.

Buy maintenance accessories to prolong the life of a Laptop

Before you buy a laptop, ensure that you are prepared to buy these five important laptop accessories. All the five items together will assist you in keeping your laptop clean, without a scratch and ensured against dust and grease. So that, you have the ability to use your laptop for a quite a while without having to spend time and again for another substitution laptop.


Best Laptop Service Center in Bangalore | Laptop World 1
Best Laptop Service Center in Bangalore | Laptop World

If you ever face any laptop problem then you literally know the feeling of frustration. The expenses of a laptop repair depend on how old it is. If you need a laptop repair in bangalore, it might for various reasons. The LCD screen might go out; the hard drive gets crashed, etc.

When to Opt for Professional Laptop Repair Service?

Most of the general problems encountered with laptops are software-related or technical in nature. Thus, it is a must to distinguish or determine whether it is software or hardware problem. If the problem is particularly related to any physical damage, then you must ask for an expert laptop repair service. The physical defects or damage might include power failures, motherboard failures, broken screens, etc. If you seek professional help, then you would not face the same problem again. Instead of experimenting on your own, it is better to hire a laptop repair service. It is important especially in the case when you are not able to find the cause of your faulty laptop.

Laptop World is a 1½ decade old IT retail and corporate service provider in Bangalore. We offer 360° IT infrastructure solutions encompassing Clients ( Desktop / Laptops ), Servers , Active network devices , application software etc.


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